DIY Barnwood Table for Thanksgiving

When I invented Weatherwash, I did it to help DIY'ers beautify their homes with frames, headboards, tables, and dressers. Over time, my blog, ​ grew and now I am living my dream. 

Come on down to your neighborhood Orchard Supply Hardware, where we can beautify your home and make your dreams come true. 

It's never too early to start preparing your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Thank you all for letting Weatherwash help you weather your new or upcycled table, just in time for the holidays! 

Come follow our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect barn wood look, without draining your bank account. This weathered-looking trestle table is perfect for this time of year and DIYing it will be fun and easy, not to mention be the talk of your holiday party!




1. Prep

Weatherwash aging washes can only react with raw wood. So, tables with an existing finish would need to be stripped or sanded back to RAW wood. No wood moisturizers are needed. 



2. Sand

Weather you’re building a brand-new table or your stripping a table with an existing finish, you’ll want to sand the top. Start with 80 grit, next sand with 120 grit, to open up the grain and prepare it for staining.


3. Stain

Weatherwash is barn-wood in a bottle! You simply apply it to raw wood and watch the  wood change color before your very eyes. Dry time will take 60 minutes. That’s only one hour to get the color of your dreams. For this project, the table top was made from pine, so we used Weatherwash “Pined” stain to create a beautiful aged gray/brown color. Wood species will determine the stained color, so check out our color chart below. 

Application is a breeze! Watch the video how to apply Weatherwash stain.

Simply brush Weatherwash aging washes onto raw wood. A sponge brush works best, but any brush will do. Allow stain to penetrate wood and air dry naturally. DO NOT WIPE THE STAIN OFF! 

4. Dry

Remember, dry time will only take 60 minutes. You can see from the video and this photo, that the wood changes color as it dries!


5. Top Coat

Weatherwash brand topcoats must be used to hold Weatherwash stained colors. For furniture, like this table, seal with Weatherwash Varnish topcoat. Use a quality, synthetic brush to apply varnish topcoat.


Apply to dry, sanded wood surface, brushing with the grain. Varnish can be sprayed on, if desired. 

6. Repeat

Dry time for Weatherwash varnish topcoat is one hour. For a dining room table, you will want to layer 2-3 coats of varnish for superior wood protection. You can see Weatherwash Dead Flat Varnish has no sheen and helps hold that weathered wood look!


Check out Weatherwash Youtube videos, to learn how to sand, stain, and seal your next DIY reclaimed project!