5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer and Smarter

Ever wish your home could take care of itself? Now it can! Smart home technology is not only popular but effective at keeping your house and your loved ones safe. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites uses for smart home technology.

Doorbell ditch no more

Do you ever wonder what’s going on outside your home while you’re away? Install a smart doorbell with live streaming capabilities and never wonder again. With this nifty little device, you can get motion-activated alerts sent straight to your phone, tune in to what’s going on outside your house at any time, and even speak to guests or loiterers through a two-way audio system.


The right temperature around the clock

Thermostats that adjust to your desired temperature are great, but smart thermostats that learn your preferences and program themselves are even better. Devices like this one will auto-schedule themselves around your schedule, so the temperature is always right when you’re home and always energy efficient when you’re away.


A bright idea for your holiday lights

With the holiday season approaching, don’t let the stress of turning your decorative lights on and off hold you back from getting in the spirit. Install an outdoor Wi-Fi outlet and let the lights take care of themselves. Once the holidays are over, use the outlet year round to automate patio and other outdoor lights.


Keep an eye on your home at all times

Installing both indoor and outdoor security cameras let you watch what’s going on when you’re away from your house. Some even record 24/7 and let you talk and listen with built in speakers and mic. These nifty devices are also a great way to keep track of your pets if you’re wondering what mischief they might be up to when you’re gone.


Get your security on lock

Take your home security to the next level with an electronic deadbolt that operates using your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Just touch your phone to the lock to open. You can send eKeys using your phone as well, and the deadbolt will also operate with a traditional key as a backup.


Have questions about making your as home and smart and secure as possible? Stop by your neighborhood Orchard today! We’re here to help keep our neighbors safe and happy.