A Pop of Holiday Spirit with Kawahara Poinsettias

Over the years, the poinsettia has become as intertwined with the holidays as Christmas elves and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. There’s just something magical about these flowers that really warm your heart and say it’s Christmas time. And with the weather turning gray and cold, the poinsettia’s blossom is a refreshing pop of color. From deep reds to light pinks, this beautiful flower is everyone’s holiday favorite. But, have you ever wondered where the lovely poinsettias you buy in the store come from?



While we can’t speak for our competitors, we’re proud to say ours come from Kawahara Nurseries – where they take great pride in growing some of the finest poinsettias in the country. With over 70 years experience raising seedlings, this family owned business really knows what they’re doing.  


To learn more about these lovely Christmas flowers, we sat down with Gregorio Morales, Kawahara’s head grower, who has been growing poinsettias for over 30 years. Gregorio proudly attributed Kawahara Nurseries success with poinsettias to the strict growing schedule they developed for the plants. “Everything has to happen at the right time and under the right conditions. And that can only happen if you stay on schedule,” Gregorio explained.

Gregorio started working for Kawahara Nurseries seven years ago. At that time, Kawahara was not growing poinsettias, but with Gregorio’s experience with these flowers, he was determined to start. “The first year we grew 200 poinsettias, and they were so successful that the second year we grew 40,000,” Gregorio said proudly.


Kawahara Nurseries currently grows over 500,000 poinsettias each year. They range from different colors, varieties, and strains, but they all have one thing in common – their beauty.


For most people, the color red is what comes to mind when they think of poinsettias. But with Kawahara Nurseries, there isn’t just one type of red. Red Glitter poinsettias have leaves that really sparkle with a deep red hue, while Ice Crystal poinsettias have a softer color that is more peppermint.


There are also beautiful variations of Kawahara’s white poinsettias. If you’re looking for a very bright white, then Premium White poinsettias are perfect. But for a softer hue, Christmas Joy White poinsettias are wonderful.


Then for those looking for something a little different from the typical poinsettia, Kawahara grows some truly amazing novelty varieties. From Picasso poinsettias (cinnamon peppermint variety) to Marbella Marble poinsettias (white and pink spots), you can pick out something truly original and beautiful for your home.

At Orchard Supply Hardware, we’re proud to sell these beautiful poinsettias and support local business. So whether you’re stopping by your neighborhood store to pick up holiday lights, presents for the family, or a beautiful Christmas tree, you should grab one of these wonderful Kawahara poinsettias. After all, this flower is sure to brighten anyone’s holiday, including your own.