A Ghostly Halloween Craft

Get a little eerie this Halloween. Fill your yard with these haunting wire ghosts to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere. Your neighbors will be equal parts jealous and spooked!


1. Measure the chicken wire for the torso of the figure. Cut the wire out.

2. Roll the cut piece into a cylinder and twist the free wires together to hold it in place.

3. Shape the cylinder into a torso form. Mold the wire by pressing, bending and folding it into the desired shape.


4. Measure the circumference of the bottom of the torso to determine how wide the waist needs to be for the skirt of your figure.

5. Choose your desired skirt length and cut out several triangular pieces for the skirt portion of the dress. The top of the skirt will connect to the waist, and will gradually get larger as you add volume to the hem of the dress.

6. Connect the bottom pieces to the waist of the torso. Hook each of the bottom pieces together. This should create a funnel shape out of the wire.


7. Once all your pieces are connected, you can add additional pieces such as dress straps, lights and glow in the dark spray paint.

8. Finally, you’ll need to set the dress. Bend the bottom of the dress in and out in various spots to make it look like it is moving. As an option, you may also choose to secure it using your staple gun.

Need help or have questions? Stop by your neighborhood Orchard where our ghouls are waiting to assist you. Happy Halloween!

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