#MyOSHProject: Make a Container Fountain in 7 Easy Steps

Few things are more soothing than the sound of falling water. You can create your own fountain from almost any kind of outdoor-ready container. All you need is a few hours out of an afternoon, and a trip to your neighborhood Orchard Supply Hardware store.

What you’ll need:

Outdoor Ceramic Pottery

Outdoor Ceramic Pottery

Pond Boss® LIT Container Fountain Kit

Other items to consider:

Pond Boss® Pond and Stone Sealant, Safety Goggles, Original Mud® Gloves, 40-ft 16/3 Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord, Western Hawk™ 12-Volt Drill Kit, Mission Concrete Products Cobble Top Paver, Pebble Rock or Water Plants


TIP: Clay pots will need to be water sealed. Spray the inside with 2 to 3 coats of the sealant. Be sure to let dry between coats.

  1. Select a spot. For convenience, choose a spot that has easy access to an electrical outlet for the pump. If the perfect place isn’t close to an outlet, don’t forget an extension cord.
  2. Pick a pot. The sky’s the limit here. Just make sure that it’s wide and deep enough to accommodate the pump.
  3.   Drill a hole in the bottom on the planter using the 1.24-in drill bit. This is for the pump cord.
  4. Place the pump inside the planter, running the cord through the freshly drilled hole.
  5. Use the rubber stopper on the cord to plug the hole.
  6. Fill your planter with water until the pump is fully submerged. The Pond Boss® is great because it lets you choose from several spray options.
  7. Plug in the pump and your serene scene is complete.

Pro Tips: Wear safety goggles while operating any electrical tool and place a paving stone under the planter to elevate it and allow the cord to move freely.

Now you’re ready to make your container fountain even more personal with decorative stones and water plants. Ask any Nursery associate for advice.