One Paint Can Challenge

Creating and maintaining a space at home that you can fully enjoy takes some work and maintenance. And we know that can sometimes seem daunting. Here at Orchard, we’ve been challenging ourselves to think of quick and easy ways our neighbors can tackle the sort of projects at home that often seem daunting. 

So, here is your mission: the one paint can challenge. What are all the little things you could do around your house with one can of paint and no deep painting expertise to make a big difference in your home? We believe that, with one can of paint, you can have an impact– bringing new joy to a space you’ll be enjoying every day. And with the right color choice, you can find several ways to bring your personality into your space without spending significant time and energy on the project.

And it’s easier than you think.

To kick off your brainstorming, here are five of the types of small paint jobs you can tackle with one can of paint to accentuate—and transform—your home.

1. Give your pots a makeover

Adding a little splash of color to your pots—especially with interesting lines and angles—can accentuate the beauty of your indoor plants and add personality to the space around it. 

2. Turn your picture frames into a mini gallery

Bring new life to your old picture frames—or even pick some up at the local flea market or craft store—and turn them into a beautiful entryway or hallway display with the right paint choice.

3. Turn vintage luggage into furniture

If you have some beat up luggage no longer suitable for their original function (or want to go on the hunt to find some), stacking and giving them a paint job can transform them into an ideal nightstand or table. 

4. Express yourself on the inside

If you’re looking for a place to add a bold dash of personality, the inside of dresser, vanity, or nightstand drawers can be a great place to introduce a bit of color.

5. Dip-dye your seat

One easy way to “dip your toe” into the dip-dying trend is to transform a stool. Tape off the same amount of the leg of each stool and then dip it in a bright hue to create a bold accent for your furniture.

These are just a few quick ideas to inspire you as you think about all the things that you could do to transform and accent your home with one can of paint. If you’re looking from more ideas, come into your local Orchard to talk to one of our paint specialists about other ideas that will inspire you.

We hope that you’ll find a color that is truly you. (And don’t forget about our paint color guarantee; we’ll find a way to match whatever color you need.) And then embark on the one paint can challenge.

If you take us up on the offer, be sure to take photos of the results and share it with us on Instagram and/or on your local store’s Facebook page. We want to see what you can do with one can of paint, to inspire us all to take those small, easy steps to try something new and give us a fresh reason to enjoy our homes.

How to Create a Stunning Centerpiece with Montana Gold

The leaves are changing color, the days are shorter, and the air is getting crisp. Autumn is the perfect time of year to add color and warmth to your DIY projects.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or a close loved one, adding special elements to your table settings is easy with Montana Gold spray paint.

Fall Features

Don’t let those pumpkins go to waste. Halloween may be over but you can still get use out of your fall decor. Up-cycle pumpkins, clay pots, pine-cones, and candles to make stunning centerpieces or table settings for your next gathering.

Adding a coat of paint transforms everyday fall flora into luxurious ornamentation and can turn your table into a piece of art.

This simple project can be completed in an afternoon and is perfect for new crafters and experienced DIYers alike.

Montana Gold Chrome spray paint brings a warmth and vibrancy to any project. Metallic flakes rise to the surface during the drying phase, providing an unparalleled shine, sure to brighten up any gathering.

Shock Black, with its matte finish, provides a depth and richness that pairs perfectly with its metallic counterpart.

What you'll need:


1.  Gather: Gather pumpkins, clay pots,  pine-cones, and candles.

2.  Prep: Use masking tape to cover any areas you don’t want painted. Lay out newspaper, drop cloth, or other painting surface.

3.  Paint: When you paint, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. Keeping the can  6 to 8  inches from your decor, spray an even and light layer of paint. Allow to dry for 15 minutes before rotating any items, and repeat.

4.  Dry: For optimal results, allow your painted decor to dry for 12 hours.

5.  Varnish: Items sprayed with Montana Chrome that will be handled should be varnished to prevent the metallic particles from flaking off. Gloss varnish will ensure a lustrous shine while matte will produce a muted sheen.

With this DIY project, your guests are sure to feel the warmth of the season. 

Use these steps throughout the holiday season and into the new year to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

DIY Barnwood Table for Thanksgiving


When I invented Weatherwash, I did it to help DIY'ers beautify their homes with frames, headboards, tables, and dressers. Over time, my blog, ​ grew and now I am living my dream. 

Come on down to your neighborhood Orchard Supply Hardware, where we can beautify your home and make your dreams come true. 

It's never too early to start preparing your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Thank you all for letting Weatherwash help you weather your new or upcycled table, just in time for the holidays! 

Come follow our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect barn wood look, without draining your bank account. This weathered-looking trestle table is perfect for this time of year and DIYing it will be fun and easy, not to mention be the talk of your holiday party!




1. Prep

Weatherwash aging washes can only react with raw wood. So, tables with an existing finish would need to be stripped or sanded back to RAW wood. No wood moisturizers are needed. 

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#MyOSHProject: Upcycled House Numbers Sign

It’s a Saturday. And as is often the case, you’re wondering what you can do to make your home a little more uniquely you. Something that will let you express yourself artistically in a single afternoon. Well, we’ve got just the project for you an upcycled house numbers sign. All it takes is some wood and screws to make a set of house/apartment numbers (or anything you like) for your home.

While you can absolutely head to your nearest hardware store and pick up everything you need for this project, this is also a great way to make use of material from past projects. Using scrap wood you may have around the home or anything you might be able to pick up in your neighborhood or at a local construction site or store (sometimes small businesses will be all too happy to get rid of pallets, for example) is a great way to make this project your own. Using different kinds of screws and nails you may have around the house can help achieve the same goal, giving your sign a unique and eclectic look. Of course, if you want to achieve a more uniform and cleaner appearance, using new material is the perfect way to do that. Either way, the steps are the same, so let’s get started.

What you’ll need for the Upcycled House Numbers Sign:

Step 1

Prepare the wood. Cut it to the desired size, if necessary. If you picked up some stain or paint, now’s the time to apply it. There are many different kinds of stain, and each will work differently on different sorts of woods. Pine stains very differently from cherry, for example. If you have extra scrap wood of the same kind you’ll be using for the project, it’s a good idea to test it out on that first. If your chosen stain is a little too light or you just want to play around with different effects, you can apply multiple coats to give your wood a darker finish.

Step 2

Once the stain is dry, take your stencils and arrange them however you’d like your finished sign to look, then trace them with pencil so you can use the outlines as a guide. With the shapes outlined, take a ruler and make regular grid-like marks for where your screws will go. This will ensure a neat and attractive final product.

Step 3

If you’re using a small piece of wood or you’re planning to have your numbers close to the edges of the wood, it’s a good idea to pre-drill the holes for the screws you’ll be using. Using thin or dry wood, or drilling screws too close to the edges can cause the wood to split. If this happens, you can use wood glue along the split and hold it together with clamps to repair it. You can prevent the wood from splitting by drilling through the board with a bit that’s a little smaller than the screws you’ll be using. Providing a pre-drilled path for the screws makes it easier for them to enter the board, and by using a drill bit with a smaller diameter, you’ll ensure that there’s still plenty of wood for the threads of the screws to bite into. TIP: Use a Drive Guide to help steady the screwdriver!

Step 4

Begin screwing in your screws. If they require a special bit, make sure to use that to prevent any issues. By following the guide lines you drew back in step 2 and sinking them all to the same depth, you’ll ensure a uniform look.

With a little bit of careful planning and a leisurely weekend afternoon, you can create an unique set of address numbers for your home. Of course, you can make any kind of sign you like, or even use different colored screws and stain to recreate some of your favorite pieces of art.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you feel inspired, and of course, share the results of your creativity on social media using #MyOSHProject so we can applaud you!