Behind-the-Scenes of Designing Spaces

If you’re an avid viewer of Lifetime’s Designing Spaces, you may have seen a familiar sight last Friday, as one couple’s desire to transform their backyard brought them into Orchard in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Missed it? The segment is available over at the Designing Spaces website.

In the episode, homeowners Jeannie and Kenny are getting their backyard ready to host a party. After checking out Orchard, they decide to come to the store in person and talk with our experts to think through how they can build a backyard ideal for hosting friends and family.

It was a fascinating experience for our team to follow Jeannie and Kenny, and the Designing Spaces team, throughout this journey­– from first being contacted by the show about the idea all the way to celebrating at the couple’s home and seeing all of their selections come to life in their backyard oasis.

“The team from Designing Spaces had shopped our stores and thought it would be a good fit for what they were doing,” said Scott Hankal, Orchard’s Director of Promotions and Performance. “We felt that the viewer of Designing Spaces is just the sort of home enjoyer that we seek to serve at Orchard.”

Scott said he was especially happy that the Designing Spaces piece featured the Orchard associates who make our stores unmatched in the marketplace and demonstrated Orchard’s commitment to bringing the humanity back to the retail experience.

“We really appreciated the opportunity to showcase some of our human services like our WorkBench and Potting Bench and that the segment ended up featuring our patio furniture and grill experts,” he said.

Designing Spaces producer Erin Parker agreed.

“The experts at Orchard were so friendly, and I think we were able to capture that in their genuine personalities in their piece,” Erin said. “They were all extremely knowledgeable of their area.”

“The store looked absolutely stunning--very colorful,” Erin added. “It made our job really easy. The signage is amazing there, so we wanted to be sure to capture it and ensure that we got some of the specialty products that Orchard carries.”

Stacy Sutter from Orchard’s promotions team made the trip down to watch the shoot unfold in person.

“It was a really fun, spontaneous project,” Stacy said. “The team there in Florida was jazzed. The associate who ended up guiding them through the store was just a cool dude. It was great to look at this diverse group of experts we have down in Florida who represent Orchard Supply Hardware.”

The taping of the episode wasn’t without its drama, though.

During taping of the episode, Florida’s weather was up to its usual tricks.

“In the midst of shooting, it started pouring down rain,” Stacy said. “Luckily, it rained while we were in the store, but all our external shooting ended up happening during good weather.”

Stacy said that it was clear the Designing Spaces team saw in Orchard a store that exemplified what their show was all about.

“You could genuinely tell that the Designing Spaces team loved the store,” Stacy said. “They even welcomed our team to the homeowner’s home at the end of the shoot. They really embraced us. It was a great relationship.”

Mary Arfeli, who is part of Orchard’s team in Florida, said that, while she had done trade shows, having about a week to think through and get prepared for a television shoot was a new experience. For instance, as they prepared for the shoot, it of course caught the attention of other customers in the store.

“We knew a patio set the owner was interested in,” Mary said, noting that as they prepared the store to have the camera crew come in, their work around the patio sets caught the attention of neighbors shopping in the store. “It inspired customers to come sit on the patio sets...They wanted to buy it!”

Luckily, they didn’t run out of the furniture the homeowners wanted to look at on their visit. In fact, they found just what they wanted to bring their vision for their backyard to life.

“It was great; we found everything we needed, and probably more,” Jeannie, the homeowner, said during the episode.

“Orchard Supply Hardware made it fun and easy,” she added.

Stacy said she was most proud of watching the team in Florida come together to make this episode possible.

“Overall, it was this whirlwind experience and adrenaline rush, pulling this all together,” Stacy said. “One of our Florida associates said that you can go elsewhere to build your house, but you come to Orchard to build a home--to find all the personal touches to keep your home humming and create that happy space for yourself.”

Are you thinking about a transformation in your own backyard? If so, check out the Designing Spaces episode for some inspiration. And then come in and see our team at your neighborhood Orchard. We’ll be ready to help you think about your own backyard oasis. (Our team members really do know how to help you create homes you can enjoy. They don’t just play experts on TV.)

Create Your Outdoor Dining Room

Turn Your Dining Inside Out.

One of the best parts of summer is being able to spend time outside while the weather is still warm. So why not take your dining room outside? Whether you’re planning to entertain or just want to enjoy your space, we’ve got what you need to dine al fresco from daylight to twilight.

Start by Setting the Table
What’s a dinner party without the perfect table setting? Get creative. Choose fun placemats or elegant candles to set the mood. Don’t forget, you’ll need the perfect place to serve up your gourmet meal. If you have a large backyard, consider investing in something classic like a 7-piece dining set. Want to make the most out of your smaller outdoor space? Add a stylish bistro set for two.

Show Off Your Style
Cushions not only provide comfort for the ultimate relaxing experience, but liven up your outdoor space with style. Pick out cushions and pillows that can create pops of color and interest. And don’t forget to look down – adding a patterned rug to your outdoor dining room brings the homey feel outside while adding texture. The more you play with bringing elements inside out, the cozier your space will become.

Add Character
Your table is set and your chairs are as comfy as can be. But don’t stop there. It’s easy to create a mood with simple décor essentials like lighting and accessories. If your patio is covered, make a statement with a pendant light above your dining table. For a smaller space, string lights add subtle ambiance and an element of charm. Accessorize the outdoors-y way by adding potted succulents and lavender plants to your space.

Lounge Long After Dark
Why not make the most of those summer nights that stay warm after the sun sets? Create a space to lounge, relax, or play a board game with friends after dinner. Classic Adirondack chairs make the perfect place to sit back and sip your favorite drink. Side tables double as a great place for a board game tournament. And if your ideal summer evening ends with making s’mores around the fire, grab a few armchairs and a show-stopping fire pit.

It doesn’t take much to embrace your summer nights this season, and moving your dining room outside might be just the answer. So whether you’re planning to entertain or just want a place to relax, we’ve got everything you need here at Orchard.

Transforming an Oakland Neighbor’s Curb Appeal

Our team here at Orchard is excited to be in the full swing of spring. As we’ve seen all the new outdoor living offerings we’ve selected for the season hit stores and felt the energy coming through our lawn and garden sections, we’ve been excited to get in on the action, too—not just in our own yards, but yours as well.

This neighborly spirit recently inspired our fabulous photo team to get out of the studio and into a neighborhood here in California—particularly the Glenview neighborhood in Oakland, where the team left flyers asking some neighborhood residents whether they might be interested in the team transforming their front yard with a curb appeal makeover. 

“We decided to find a house that was in need of a refresh and give it an Orchard Supply-style makeover,” said Sean, who heads our photo studio. “Within 30 minutes, our phones started to ring from interested homeowners. The first step was to find just the right house.” 

After hearing from quite a few interested neighborhood residents, the team decided to transform the front yard of Wade and Jan Hufford.

The Huffords had recently painted and remodeled their house, but they had not yet gotten around to giving the same transformation to their front yard. So, with a $1,200 budget in hand, Orchard’s team set to work.

Our team took pictures and studied the front yard. From there, they worked with the fantastic team in our Berkeley Orchard store to find the right mix of plants and products that would transform the curb appeal of the Huffords’ home to match the work they’d done to their house. Then, our team of six showed up to get to work.

“Wade was there on the day to meet us and kindly make us coffee and share cake as we set to work on the yard,” our producer David told us.

The team set to work cleaning the yard of debris, cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and removing older planters. They also had gardeners on their photo crew who brought their personal passions into the project—but they made sure to respect the Huffords’ style.

“We did this project for them, but we asked what they were sensitive to and what they didn’t want to be disturbed,” Sean said. “Wade said the rose bushes were Jan’s pride and joy; ‘You probably can’t touch those.’”

As the team worked, they made plans to transplant the existing plants to work within the new design. They were going to be sure to keep the rose bushes prominent in the front yard, within the new design. However, the homeowner loved their vision.

“Jan told us, ‘No,’ and had us put the bushes in the back of the house,” Sean said. “She said, ‘Leave it just like it is. I love it!’”

The Orchard team’s makeover included:

Installing and painting cedar planter boxes

Adding hanging plants

Adding house numbers

Replacing old, weathered outdoor furniture with Orchard-exclusive furniture

Adding solar pathway lighting

In the process of transforming the curb appeal of this house, many of the neighbors ended up swinging by to chat with our team.

“We were inundated with curious neighbors wanting to know what we were up to; ‘Is this a TV show?’” Sean said, echoing one of the most common questions he received.

He was especially happy that the neighbors seemed as excited as Huffords not only to see the way the products Orchard’s merchandising team carefully selects came alive in a neighbor’s yard, but also to see how his team was going the extra mile to help the Huffords think through how to transform their yard.

Sean’s team goal with this special project was to echo the spirit of going the extra mile that our colleagues have within our stores every day. If you’re thinking about transforming your front yard, swing on by. The teams at our stores will be happy to help you think it through.

Patio Theme Spotlight: Fiesta

It’s about time to get ready for spring, and nothing says fun in the sun like throwing a fiesta. But what if you could keep the party going all summer long? With our Fiesta Themed Patio Collection, you can do just that and so much more. Here’s a look at the pieces that make up this festive set.

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How I Created a Boho-Chic Balcony

​Keyma is a lifestyle-blogger and full-time educator living in LA. She writes about fashion, beauty, health, and travel on her blog Style Weekender.

Hello there, Loves.

For today's post, I'm sharing with you my newly decorated balcony, in partnership with Orchard Supply Hardware. I have been itching to decorate my balcony and since summer is in full effect, I knew I had to do it now. I just returned from my vacation (Tulum) two days ago and I was so inspired by all the textures, fabrics, and contrast I saw in Tulum. Immediately upon returning I went directly to my local Orchard store to shop the items I knew would be perfect for my balcony decor.

I started off my week one happy gal, skipping the vacation blues, and enjoying my newly decorated space. Nothing serves more bliss to my life than the comfort and chicness of my home, my happy space. Walk with me as I share how I decorated this chic, mexican-moroccan-boho vibe city balcony.

My balcony was pretty much an empty space with a few plants I tried to keep alive but sadly failed. My guy and I did not spend much time out there. Actually our dog Marley (see his little self below) spends most of his time out there. He had the whole space to himself and he frolics around with his toys and owned that space. But oh, no more. It's now a cozy and chic spot ready for entertaining and relaxing.

One of my top priorities for my balcony was to bring life to the space. This meant, adding green plants or flowers. I opted for these thin leaves palms because they are low maintenance, gives a lot of greenery, will grow overtime and provide me with a beautiful privacy screen. I learned so much about my plant selection from the helpful member of Orchard Supply Hardware in the Nursery department. He was so informed, excited about plants, and really helped me to pick out plants that will serve my lifestyle, purpose, and taste. He took his time to find out what I liked, what I was looking for and realistically what will grow and give my space what it needed. The best part, there is a lifetime warranty on my plants. If they die for some reason, I can easily return them.

Just look at the instant life of that area (north end) once I added those palms; I also got all four pots. I went with two round green ones and two square brown ones for contrast. Love them!!!

On the south end of my balcony I decided on this beautiful and durable Westport Oversize Chair. It can easily sit one or two people. It goes with this gorgeous and functional Westport Ottoman with tray. I love that is serves as a table and an ottoman for additional seating when we do have a lot of guests. The cushions are very durable and I was informed by the excellent staff at Orchard Supply Hardware that it's easy to clean and the material on the chair is also great quality. I was contented to be affirmed about the quality and durability of what I was purchasing.

Next up, I got these two chic Barrel Strap Wicker Chairs in brown. Again, these are extremely high quality, wrapped in aluminum frame and coated with wicker, which will withstand all weather conditions. I added these Home is Where the Heart Is statement cushions and I think they look fabulous.

Orchard Supply Hardware has a wide variety of cushions to please all tastes. It was so hard to choose, but I ended up falling in love with these.

To add some texture to the space I went with these Tag Braided Jute Rugs in Natural. I bought two of them since I figured I could move them around later. They feel so great under my feet and I know my guests will be comfortable too.

At the west-side of my balcony, I really wanted to infuse a Morrocan vibe and create a space where I could really relax on the floor to a good book, a glass of wine, or playing a game of cards with friends. I was so inspired on my trip to Tulum and I brought this serape blanket back along with a dream catcher and a hammock just for my balcony.

I've always wanted to add string lights to my space. Maybe it's because I love Christmas and it's the best supplement to actual Christmas lights, or maybe it is the romantic vibe it gives. 

I figured my balcony would not be complete without string lights and best decision ever!

I also added these two cute stools I found while on my way to check out and had to have them. Do you know why? They were also on sale and your girl cannot pass up a sale. I told you, Orchard Supply Hardware was going to be my perfect one-stop-shop. I didn't want to cram my space and I had thoughts of returning them, but decided to keep them because I can easily stack them on top of each other to store and create more space. I absolutely love them.

I really hope this post has inspired you to create a warm, cozy, chic, or lavish balcony or patio. It truly will help you to fall in love with your home all over again. You'll also spend much more quality time with yourself and your family. If you have kids, it's also a great way to spruce up your space and encourage them to spend time outside. As the weather changes and summer goes, you can easily add a mini heater (they have them at Orchard Supply) and still be able to enjoy your space all year round.

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