Create Your Outdoor Dining Room

Turn Your Dining Inside Out.

One of the best parts of summer is being able to spend time outside while the weather is still warm. So why not take your dining room outside? Whether you’re planning to entertain or just want to enjoy your space, we’ve got what you need to dine al fresco from daylight to twilight.

Start by Setting the Table
What’s a dinner party without the perfect table setting? Get creative. Choose fun placemats or elegant candles to set the mood. Don’t forget, you’ll need the perfect place to serve up your gourmet meal. If you have a large backyard, consider investing in something classic like a 7-piece dining set. Want to make the most out of your smaller outdoor space? Add a stylish bistro set for two.

Show Off Your Style
Cushions not only provide comfort for the ultimate relaxing experience, but liven up your outdoor space with style. Pick out cushions and pillows that can create pops of color and interest. And don’t forget to look down – adding a patterned rug to your outdoor dining room brings the homey feel outside while adding texture. The more you play with bringing elements inside out, the cozier your space will become.

Add Character
Your table is set and your chairs are as comfy as can be. But don’t stop there. It’s easy to create a mood with simple décor essentials like lighting and accessories. If your patio is covered, make a statement with a pendant light above your dining table. For a smaller space, string lights add subtle ambiance and an element of charm. Accessorize the outdoors-y way by adding potted succulents and lavender plants to your space.

Lounge Long After Dark
Why not make the most of those summer nights that stay warm after the sun sets? Create a space to lounge, relax, or play a board game with friends after dinner. Classic Adirondack chairs make the perfect place to sit back and sip your favorite drink. Side tables double as a great place for a board game tournament. And if your ideal summer evening ends with making s’mores around the fire, grab a few armchairs and a show-stopping fire pit.

It doesn’t take much to embrace your summer nights this season, and moving your dining room outside might be just the answer. So whether you’re planning to entertain or just want a place to relax, we’ve got everything you need here at Orchard.

A Pop of Holiday Spirit with Kawahara Poinsettias


Over the years, the poinsettia has become as intertwined with the holidays as Christmas elves and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. There’s just something magical about these flowers that really warm your heart and say it’s Christmas time. And with the weather turning gray and cold, the poinsettia’s blossom is a refreshing pop of color. From deep reds to light pinks, this beautiful flower is everyone’s holiday favorite. But, have you ever wondered where the lovely poinsettias you buy in the store come from?

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Get Out of That Summer Slump With SLIME!

Don’t let the slow days of summer get you down! Grab the kids and try our slime recipe. It’s a fun activity for the whole family.


  • Glass bowl
  • Borax
  • Glue
  • Warm water
  • Food coloring (optional)

Step 1

Grab the glue and squeeze about 4oz (or half a cup) into the glass bowl.

Step 2

Mix 4oz (or half a cup) of warm water with the glue. This will make a 1:1 mix of glue to water.

Step 3

At this point, if you want to make colored slime, add a few drops of food coloring! Be careful though – a little goes a long way!

Step 4

Mix 1 teaspoon of Borax into 4oz (or half a cup) of water. Next, slowly add this solution to the glue mixture you’ve made.

Step 5

Continue to stir in the Borax solution until slime slowly starts to form. You may not need all of the Borax solution to make the slime.

Step 6

Using your hands, knead the slime. It might feel wet and gooey, or even stringy at first. Keep kneading your slime until it holds together.

Once you’ve made your slime, you can play with it all day! Store it in a plastic container to save for playtime later on, too. If you want to make different colors of slime, just repeat the process with new food coloring. Kids will love playing with something they got to make with their own two hands.

Dremel Hatch: A Wood Project Kit that comes with everything you need

Ever buy a project kit that told you it had “everything you need” or to “just add imagination?” Ever become get really, really upset when you opened that kit and it did not, in fact, come with everything you need? Yeah. Us too.

So when Dremel® said they had a wood crafting project kit that included everything you need, our interests were piqued. Incoming the Dremel Hatch Project!

We told them we were curious, and they sent us one to check out—a pallet wood wall art project called Skyline. We immediately went to work inspecting every single tiny little thing about it.

Our conclusion? It’s the best thing that’s happened to craft night since the embroidery hoop.

Overstatements aside, it lives up to everything we were told, and you’ll know it as soon as you pick one up.

The first thing you’re going to notice is the box. It’s not just another cardboard box, it’s actually part of the project. It’s the workspace. Really!

The inside of the package is gridded like graph paper, so you can line things up and measure them without using a ruler. One half of the box folds flat and the other turns into a stand you can use to hold your directions and there’s even a cut-out holder for your phone.

The phone holder is one of our favorite parts. It’s a huge plus for those who like to share our projects online. It will hold your cell phone right over the top of your project, so you can stream your progress, record for editing later, or take time-lapse shots. All without taking your hands off of your project.

What’s inside?

  • A wood pallet
  • wood practice pieces
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • markers
  • a pencil
  • chalk
  • an eraser
  • a picture hanging kit
  • sandpaper
  • transfer paper
  • templates of the city skylines of Chicago and New York City
  • plus, you get an online code to get templates for 80 more major cities.

The only thing you need to supply is a stable surface to hold your box. So you can do this practically anywhere you want. If you got one kit for each of your guests, you could host a crafting party at the park or the beach just as easily as hosting one at your house.

The last thing you get with the kit (one thing that isn’t on that materials list) is inspiration.

Dremel® knows you want to really personalize this. So they’ve included suggestions on how to make it your own using other crafting and woodworking techniques like burning, sanding, and routing.

Something else you don’t see on that materials list? A Dremel® tool. And that’s because you don’t need one. Sure, you can use one if you’d like, but you don’t have to have one to get this project done.

And this is just the first kit they’ve released. The next box is projected to be out around the holiday season of 2017. That gives us plenty of time to practice taking our skyline projects to the next level.

We think we’re going to try the string-art version of Los Angeles next. Buy your very own Dremel Hatch Project Kit Online now or available in stores on March 10, 2017.