4th of July Paint Stick Flag

Fly Your Flag

What better way to celebrate your independence this 4th of July than by making your own flag? This project is easy and won’t take all day. It’s even fun to do with the kids. We suggest customizing it a bit. Think about an alternative for the stars (perhaps bolts, starfish, beads or gems). For a polished look, finish with a coat of varnish. Or if you live by the beach, sand paper will give it that weathered look. Have fun. Be creative. Make it yours.

• 12 Orchard Paint Sticks
• Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint (red, white, blue)
• 3M Scotch Painter’s Tape
• Gorilla Wood Glue
• Items for Stars: metal washers, buttons, seashells, your child’s handprint, you decide!
• Steel Wool or Sand Paper
• Twine
• Xacto Knife
• Tape Measure or Ruler
• Cardboard (for painting surface)

Let’s Get Started

1) Cut three of your sticks at 14”. Be sure to cut the handles off so they are nice, squared up rectangles. Put them aside for now, we will use these on the back to hold everything together.

2) Using spray paint, paint 5 sticks red and 4 white. Be sure to paint around the edges slightly, but don’t paint the backs. Separate each stick from each other and allow to dry.

3) While you wait, gather your stars. Be creative with it. We’ll use metal washers and buttons in different sizes, but consider using something unconventional, like seashells or your child’s handprint.

4) When your sticks are dry, flip them over and line them up, making sure they alternate red-white-red-white, etc. Create a little space between each stick. Place a dot of wood glue on each stick in three straight rows. Attach the cut paint sticks vertically on top of the wood glue and let dry.

5) Flip your flag over. Put a line of tape approximately 8 inches from the left of the top four sticks, tape off everything from the 6th stick down. Spray this area blue and let dry.

You’re almost done!

6) If you like a weathered look, use steel wool or sand paper and run it along each of the four edges.

7) Attach your stars with glue.

8) Tie your twine through the first stick, tying a knot on the left side and the right side to create a hanging loop.

Now fly your flag with pride and have a Happy 4th of July.